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Your Child’s First Dental Visit

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then it is easy to reason that a child’s smile is priceless. Unfortunately, to maintain that precious smile you’ll need to take your child to the dentist, and dentist visits aren’t often marked by exceptional smiles.

Every child should visit the dentist at least once prior to their first birthday. This is a simple rule to remember, “first by the first,” but in practice it may be more complicated. Children need treatment from dentists who specialize in pediatric care and who can recognize the early signs of tooth decay and gum disease in minors.

Good Dental Care Starts Early

Children have sweet teeth; this is a well known fact. The trouble is that teeth themselves aren’t always ready for all the sweets that children love to eat. An overabundance of sugar can lead to cavities and tooth decay, and this can mean years of tooth pain and hardship.

Many adults avoid the dentist, and don’t worry about the health of their children’s “baby teeth.” Don’t mistake the health of your children’s teeth as a non-issue. Many children will develop their first cavity before they reach the age of 2! And as many as 25 percent of American kids will have a cavity before they ever enter Kindergarten!

Starting dental care young gives your children added advantage in life, as they can move forward with strong teeth that are free of damage and decay.

What to Expect

The first dental visit is a simple check-up. This is an opportunity for your child to get to know what it is like to visit the dentist and to become comfortable with the many tools and the atmosphere of the place.

In this first visit, you can expect:

  • Educational instruction to help your child learn how to maintain optimal tooth health
  • A comprehensive tooth cleaning and examination
  • Review of any problematic areas and an analysis of any suspected cavities
  • Tips on how to maintain optimal tooth health in children

Not all dentists are prepared or experienced to provide dental care to young children. Make sure that you take your child to a pediatric dentist for their first encounter with a dentist office. The experience, atmosphere and level of support may just impact how your child views the dentist for years to come.