Payments & Insurances Accepted at Setzer, Cochran, Soares & Hubbard Pediatric Childrens Dentistry.

We ask that you pay for office visits and treatment at the time the service is rendered. We accept most credit cards for your convenience. If you anticipate a problem in paying for services, please discuss this in advance with our receptionist.

We accept many PPO plans such as Principle, Guardian and many others.  The benefits will be up to what the plan has negotiated with your business company.  Most PPO plans will pay most of the preventive appointments (cleanings, etc.).  There are a few that start out with 20% copay.  These plans are also considered “out of network”, which means your insurance company may not accept our fees.  At that point, you will be responsible from the insurance payment fee up to our fee.

Please make a call to your dental insurance representative to guarantee we are in network.

PPO/Dental Health Alliance (DHA) plans that we are IN NETWORK are:

PPO Plans In Network are:


  • HMO/DMO plans
  • State plans and Medicaid