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November 16, 2017
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Records Release - Katherine Fearing

Setzer, Cochran, Soares, & Hubbard Pediatric Dentistry

Barry P. Setzer, D.D.S. Stephen D. Cochran, D.M.D.
Flavio M. Soares, D.D.S. Karen A. Hubbard, D.D.S.

Name & Date of Birth of Child/Children:

1) Patients’ Name:  Sara Fearing  Patient’s DOB:  8/14/1998 
2) Patients’ Name:  Matthew Fearing Patient’s DOB:  2/7/2002 
3) Patients’ Name:    Patient’s DOB:   
4) Patients’ Name:    Patient’s DOB:   
5) Patients’ Name:    Patient’s DOB:   


Requester/Primary Guardian:

Katherine Fearing

Requester’s Email:

Information authorized for release:

  All records, including x-rays, etc. 

Reason for release of records: 

  Provider change. 

Please provide records via:


Send records to:
Authorized Recipient: Dr. Greg Archambault 

Authorized Recipients’ Fax: 904.730.2554 

Authorized Recipient’s Phone: 904.269.3842 

Authorized Recipient’s Street Address:  1414 Kingsley Avenue    Apt/Suite:  2 

City:  Orange Park    State:   Florida     Zip:  32073

Authorized Recipient’s Email: 


Document must be signed by Parent/Guardian (or if patient 18 years or older they must sign)

November 16, 2017

8355 Bayberry Road ▪ Jacksonville, Fl 32256 ▪ Phone (904)733-7254

Signed by Katherine Fearing
Signed on:November 16, 2017

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